Our Story

Wheat & Wit started out as a pastry supplier of frozen dough to hotels in the local vicinity that did not have an in-house Boulangerie or the know-how to do so. Under the watchful eye of Chef Randy Kek, a veteran Pâtissier with numerous years of experience spearheading the Pastry section at Hyatt Hotels & DoubleTree by Hilton, our customer base gradually blossomed. Customers came back asking for more and soon our services expanded to comprise fondant cake customisation – whereby your imagination is the limit. If you can design it, then we can make it! 
Today, we are a quaint bakery characterized by an artistic blend of both traditional and contemporary methods. To elaborate further, we still use traditional bread-making recipes infused with modern innovation to maintain a balance between old and new. Our new creations still feature the time-perfected standards of bread-making but at the same time, reflect the current trends which are in vogue. Let the Ateliers of bread-making hone their craft and create masterpieces that will leave a mouth-watering impression to remember. At Wheat & Wit, we only use 100% natural ingredients with no artificial additives because your health is our paramount importance.

A Brand from Scratch

Wheat & Wit was established from the ground-up, fuelled by the fiery passion that propels us to bring forth the very best that we have to offer. It was a synergistic get together of like-minded individuals that saw the key pieces slowly coming into place. Undoubtedly, it was an uphill challenge to overcome the inertia and gather momentum to bring the brand off the ground. But coupled with the expertise and dedication of our staff and management team, we overcame every hurdle and continued to grow as one. We delved deep into the hearts of our customers, constantly going back to the drawing board and innovating new products to fulfil your needs. In the highly competitive world of F&B, one must change with the times or risk being left behind. 
We realized the pertinence in branching out to various industry sectors and capturing a larger target audience. Wheat & Wit is not just a bakery & cafe, our diverse array of services includes fondant cake customisation, frozen dough supply and catering services. Franchising opportunities have always been on our minds – we are coming to a neighbourhood near you soon!


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